Well what can I say. We love her. We made the right choice with Isis. She has bonded with my mustang and they are getting to be best friends. The day after we got home, Isis wanted to get out and check out the place. So we decided to try to halter her. She didn't miss a beat. She lowered her nose into the halter and William buckled it. She gave him a look like "Now What"? She followed him around the pen. He snapped on the lead rope, and she kept following him like it was meant to be. She noticed a tug on the rope and shook her head. Didn't spook. Then he kept walking her, she decided she wanted to go the other way and as soon as he tugged again, she reared up in defiance. When she had all four back on the ground, she walked away with him.Wow-She is something else. I am sending you some pics of her first walk about. William led her to the round pen and practices out their. After a day of that , she now walks all over the property. She gives soooooo easily and will be and awesome horse. I want to thank you for making our family bigger. I will send you updates as we progress with her training and of course when she gets older and sheds out. Cant wait till spring when we get to introduce her to a bath.She will be so shiny and clean.......Thanks again .....William and Annette