HI Guys,
Please post this on CL Venture's page! She is a true Cali girl now and has a
beautiful glossy coat and big dapples! As you can see from the picture that
baby should be making it's announcement very soon. A couple of days ago she looked like she was going to go into to labor but the baby just was making
her uncomfortable-so action since!
She has gone on lots of hand walks and LOVES any attention. I have renamed
her NOVA and I'm sad to say she still doesn't know the taste of apples or
carrots. But I keep working on her!
More pictures soon of a mini version of Nova!
Thanks Jennifer for all your help and I did receive her registration papers
in the mail-thank you!
Take care and Happy Mother's Day weekend-cause you have lots of 4 legged
children throughout the States!!

Hi Cheryl and Jennifer,
Here he is finally!! He came on Friday the 13th at 9:45pm and mom was
gracious enough to witness the whole thing! Haven't named him yet.

Hey Guys!
I totally forgot to share our Christmas picture with you guys!
This is me( Killy Fornelli), Gavin and Spitfire, age 6 months in pic. His
mom was the Quarterhorse CI Venture from Terri Fries. He is now fully weaned
and going on walks like a big dog. He is so funny and has been quite a
confident lil horse since day one.

His mom is coming around and acting more like a horse everyday. She really
enjoys being groomed. But she will not tolerate her feet being picked up. I
still have to fully knock her out to have her feet done! I hope to have a
natural hoof care shoer take a look at her and see if we can help her feet.
She acts like she may have a bit of navicular.

Well I still look at your website often and I hope to adopt another one
soon. Hope 2009 is a successful for you guys and hope everyone is healthy.

Take care,