I thought I'd let you know that we got home safe and sound.  The girls were perfect on the trip home, and are happy in their new place. They've already settled in and we've not had one bit of pacing or nervousness at all.  Already today, only the first day home, we've gotten halters on even though it was a bit of a rodeo show to round them up at first, but Jim was able to lasso both of them so all was fine.  We took your advice, "Divide and conquer!"  They're much more willing to be handled when they're not together, so they've got a corral between them.  Today, we gave them each a good washing down with the hose and good grooming which included a thorough brushing of their manes and tails with some laser sheen.  They also got fly spray as well, and they were really great with it all.  Not much more then a bit of prancing and dancing about for a few minutes, but then they pretty much just settled right down.  They look so pretty and clean in their new halters too.  I've attached a picture of each of them (Lily (Bailey) in purple halter and Violet (Ace) in green halter), and will send more updates.  Thanks so much for these wonderful girls, we love them, and they're a great addition to our family.