Jennifer,I sold Cosmic to a student of my old trainer. He bucked me off one toomany times after spending three years on training. So he went to a 6'2"Doctor who had money to continue his training so it was the best choice.I sold him at a loss but he went to a good home. Noel's info is below.I have taken a new job so this is my last week at this email. My newemail is Please update your files.Serenity is a god send and a great little horse. She never grew butthat's OK she's cute and nice and doesn't bite kick or buck. I think sheabout 14' 2". Cosmic did all of the above. I got on her for the firsttime during ground work buck. I am doing ground work withher and get complements on her all the time. She is a nice mover and hasgreat confirmation. She grew into her but. I start riding her next weekand am so excited. She ties trailers, picks up all feet, joins up,saddles and accepts weight on her back. I started her later because shewas such a frail awkward little thing. She recently started filling out,not up, but I am tickled with her and love her a lot.More emails to come of Cosmic. Noels info is below. Noel is registeringCosmic and they start jumping soon. He needed to go back to Kathy, hewas too much for me so it was sad but worked out good for Cosmic.

We received an email from Jennifer in 2011 that she had sold Cosmic. He grew up to be a very big, strong willed horse, just more horse than she was up for riding. He is in a good home where he will be trained for jumping. Jennifer is enjoying Serinity, the other horse she adopted from us. She only grew up to be about 14.2 hands, and as Jennifer says, she is a God send!